Warewash & Kitchen

GORILLA – HD Grill Cleaner
A very highly alkaline degreaser, with sequestering agents and surfactants. Designed for heavy duty cleaning of kitchen canopies, grills, deep fryers, hood screens and ovens.

A non-foaming cleaner that can be used for descaling dishwashers, glass washers, coffee machines, or wherever a need for heavy duty descaling is required. It contains a special blend of acids and non foaming detergents.

A granular product designed for use in restaurants, bars, bakeries, breweries and food plants. It is also ideally suited for cleansing and sanitizing of freezers and ice cream machines, and is very effective as a presoak and sanitizer of kitchen utensils.


An effective dishwashing detergent designed for hand washing under most water conditions. Liquid Dishwash assures hygienically clean, film free dishes with a minimum of time, effort and expense. Ideal for food plant use.

DL50 – Machine Dishwash (Powder)
A mild, chlorinated dishwash compound for commercial and domestic dishwash machines. An excellent non-foaming dishwashing compound containing chlorine for exceptional soil and stain removal. Effective free rinsing agents allow spot free glasses and dishware. This product is designed for use under all water conditions including hard water and is ideally suited for food plant use.

SWISH – Liquid Machine Dishwash
An excellent liquid dishwash detergent designed for use in commercial operations for exceptional removal of grease and soil. It has a high concentration of sequestering agents and is well suited for use in hard water areas. It eliminates forever the need for descaling of machine and dishes. The product also contains highly effective alkaline cleaners to assure hygienically clean, film free dishes. Ideal for food plant use.

RINSE AGENT Rinse Additive
A highly effective rinse additive used in the rinse cycle to allow quick drying without spotting or streaking. This product is ideally suited for use in automatic dishwashers and beverage glass-washers. It contains a mild acid in addition to wetting and drying agents to prevent hard-water scale build-up.

RINSE ALL Low Temperature Rinse Agent
This is a rinse additive used in the rinse cycle, allowing quick drying of glasses, dishes and cutlery without spotting or streaking. It is an economical product particularly suited for use in glass washers and low temperature dishwashing machines