FOAMY Vehicle Wash

A viscous, pink colored detergent formulated for use in foaming brush and hand mitt applications.  This product produces a high stable foam and is an excellent cleaner.  It is gentle on hands and will not harm paint, rubber or chrome.  It is fully biodegradable and phosphate free.

L-27 Vehicle Wash

A concentrated liquid pressure wash detergent designed to be used in power washers with hot or cold water.  It combines the cleaning properties of powders with the convenience of a liquid cleaner.  It contains solvents and emulsifiers for degreasing and loosening of heavy soil deposits and detergents to remove all dirt & road film leaving a clean surface.  This product is safe to use on all painted surfaces, metal parts, plastic, concrete and wood.


VC-20 Clear Coat

This product is a premium, high quality and concentrated sealant and clear coat protection offering long lasting shine and water repellency to automobile surfaces.  This product bonds well to vehicle surfaces and provides water sheeting and breaking for quicker drying.


A viscous white liquid that revitalizes and restores the original shine of tires, soft vinyl trim and black rubber bumpers.


A polish and surface protection compound with the added benefit of carnauba wax for enhanced shine, rust inhibition and water repellency.

ZOOM Industrial Wash & Wax

A one-step detergent formulated for cleaning and degreasing industrial vehicles while leaving a shiny, protective wax finish.  This high-foaming, alkaline detergent contains biodegradable surfactants and solvents for removing grease, oil, and road film.  The waxy finish left behind restores lustre to the paint & repels both water and dirt, keeping the vehicle cleaner longer.